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Looking to start out on your own? Or is it time for you to start your own army of devout?
Select the type of Headquarters (HQ) you are interested in purchasing below. Only members of rank 6 and above may purchase a HQ and you must have left your Coven/Sancutary. Be careful when purchasing your HQ. It will be established in your current location. You cannot change your HQ location once it's been purchased.

Purchase a Headquarters
Headquarters Name:
$100,000 Holds 50 members
$250,000 Holds 75 members
$500,000 Holds 100 members
$1,000,000 Holds 150 members, Bonus Level 1 *
$5,000,000 Holds 150 members, Bonus Level 2 *
$10,000,000 Holds 200 members, Bonus Level 1 *
$20,000,000 Holds 200 members, Bonus Level 2 *
* Bonus levels determine how much of a bonus each member receives while in the city their HQ is located.
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