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Forgotten Market


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Funds Available: Cash: $0.00 Blood Money: $0.00

Forgotten Market Care to make a sale on those wonderful items and artifacts you've been finding? The Forgotten Market Bazaar is the place to go.
Here you can sell your own items or get rid of those fascinating artifacts you've found around the Realm.

Sell Your Items

You have two options to choose from.
You can either sell the items you've been finding around the city for some quick cash or you can list for other members to purchase. You can't sell or list items that are pending usage (e.g. ring for proposal) or items that are currently equipped unless you have more than one.

Is there a difference between the two? Yes! Selling to the Forgotten Market Bazaar will get you a small return on your items. Selling to other players could have a larger payoff. However, artifacts sale prices are still random based on the city you are in.

Sell Artifacts Sell Golden Artifacts Sell Other Items
Sales prices differ between cities.
Total Artifacts: 0
Sold in bundles of 5.
Market prices may differ

Golden Artifacts: 0
Select the item and quantity you wish to sell.
You can't sell rare items, Blood Money or cash here.
List Items

There is a processing fee for each listing (not per item). The fee is taken when the item is sold or the listing expires. Each listing is valid for 5 days.

To sell an item simply select which one you want to sell, enter how many of that item you are selling, enter the price you want for all of it and select the type of currency you are selling it for. If selling cash, the money is taken from the bank. If you want to do a private sale, then type in the name of the person you want to sell to.

Note: You can only have up to four lots of Minion Battle Tokens in the market at one time.

Item Quantity Price BM Cash Private Sale Name:
Items you have listed
Item Quantity Price Currency Type Expires
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