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Forgotten Market


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Funds Available: Cash: $0.00 Blood Money: $0.00

Forgotten Market Welcome to the Forgotten Market Armory.
We offer many unique and exciting items such as swords, bows, axes, shields and armor. All are magically altered to give you that extra bonus. Where did we get them? We have our ways.

We honor both Blood Money and regular money. The prices listed are in Blood Money.
The price below is the dollar amount we will accept.
Armor Items

Death's Guard

Death's Guard

Might's Demise

Might's Demise

Unholy Armor

Unholy Armor
Also available for men

Defense +2


Defense +2 / Cunning +1


Attack +1 / Defense +1


Weapon Items

Demon's Shard

Demon's Shard

Glory's Hope

Glory's Hope

Rand's Justice

Rand's Justice

Attack +2


Attack +2 / Thievery +1


Attack +1 / Defense +2


Special Weapons
The weapons are special for each race. You can purchase them in three levels, if you are a high enough rank.

The Weapon Race determines which race the weapon can be used against, these are single use weapons, so you may need several for a single attack. (To view your Special Weapons see you Profile Item Inventory)
Weapon Race:    Type:    Amount to Buy:   
Actives (19) Fresh Blood (0) View All The Fallen (0) Graveyard
Tempest, Krampus, Dancer, Red Dead, Old Saint Nick, Vixen, Santa Claus, Blizten, Fury, Donner, Dasher, Effect, Kris Kringle, Prancer, Cupid, Rudolph, Filth, Comet, Father Christmas     
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