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Bounty Office

Looking to get rid of someone or are you just looking for some dangerous work?
Well, we can help you with both. Here at the Bounty Office you can list someone to have taken out or you can choose to be the one to take someone out. The choice is yours!

Place a Bounty
To place a bounty on someone you must input their name into the field below. The cost is $100 Blood Money per rank level of the person you are placing the bounty on. Crew leaders are $300 Blood Money per rank level. Only one bounty may be placed on someone at a time. Bounties cannot be placed on someone if they are greater than four ranks than you are. The cost of placing an anonymous bounty is an additional $1,000,000 in cash. This is taken directly from the bank. Rewards are $50,000 per rank level and $100,000 per rank level for leaders.

A word of Warning
When you place a bounty on someone they can remove the bounty in two ways: either by paying to remove the bounty, or by attacking and killing the person who placed the bounty. The latter is true even if the bounty is placed anonymously and the victim finds out or happens to attack you by chance.
If you claim the bounty and start attacking the victim you also risk your life, the victim could kill you during your attack if you lose.
Name Anonymous
Yes   No

Reason: (Displayed below)
Detailed Reason: (Dispute resolution, for blue admins only)
Bounty List
If you want to claim a bounty simply select a bounty from the list below. Once you have claimed a bounty you must find that member and kill them to claim the reward. Once claimed, you have just one week to make your kill. If you find your name on the list and want to remove it you must pay the listing cost, not the reward.
Name Posted By Reward Claim / Remove Reason
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