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Forgotten Market


  1. Bazaar (Sell)
  2. Bazaar (Buy)
  3. Minions
  4. Skill Training
  5. Armory
  6. Corvin's Rare Items
  7. Bounty Office

Funds Available: Cash: $0.00 Blood Money: $0.00

Forgotten Market Hidden away throughout the Realm are items whose power is as old as the Elder's themselves. Unlike most items found in this world, only one person may own each item at a time. However, the items can be released from their grasp if they are not careful.

Michael Corvin's Rare Item List
The complete listing of rare items is below. These items are one of a kinds and to find out who wields their power will cost you. We will tell you if it has been found, but you must pay either $1,000,000 or $2,000 in Blood Money to view who has posession of a rare item. You may only view one item at a time. You must pay each time to view different items.
Cash Blood Money
Item Bonus Status
Actives (13) Fresh Blood (0) View All The Fallen (0) Graveyard
Effect, Filth, Santa Claus, Tempest, Krampus, Raider, Old Saint Nick, Cause, Red Dead, Fury, Father Christmas, Hamlet, Kris Kringle     
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