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Forgotten Market


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Forgotten Market Want to be the best?
Skill training is the way to do it. We have the finest trainers within the Realm and all are here to teach you what they know. You've definately come to the right place if it's an improvement in skills that you desire.

Skill Training

The Masters of the Dark Arts offer their services to you and are willing to train you...for a price. The cost varies based on the ability you choose. You may only train each skill 5 times. Also note, training does take agility from you.

Attack ~ $700 Blood Money Remaining
Through this training you will learn how to read your enemy's weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage.
Defense ~ $400 Blood Money Remaining
You are always a target. Train this skill to protect yourself better from your enemies.
Stealth ~ $350 Blood Money Remaining
To kill without being seen, and learn to hide well in the shadows. Good stealth is all you need.
Cunning ~ $350 Blood Money Remaining
When you're in a bind or find yourself locked away somewhere, a good cunning skill will help you get away.
Thievery ~ $350 Blood Money Remaining
Over time, you will become good at simple unlawful activities. Why not make yourself stronger at the really hard ones?


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