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Himiko Xao Yamaguri


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Himiko loves females. She is seeking a Wife. She is always seeking friends, family, help and assistance. Up for RP!
Himiko Xao Yamaguri's Biography
Orientation: Lesbian

Gender Preference: Females

Himiko Xao Yamaguri is an Asian Human turned Asian Vampire, hailing from the land of the rising Sun known as Tokyo, Japan in the Provence of Asia, the place she was both born and turned of course. She has learned the ways and history of Asia while she was still human, and is now also learning the ways of the vampire. She is a lesbian and loves females, in her past human life, her girlfriend was taken from her before one night changed Himiko forever, things went to black and a female vampire sired her, thus turning her, Himiko has no idea of who her sire is. But she is on a quest to make friends and allies, find a wife, help with learning and studying more of Asia, Vampires and Covens. Even before she was turned, she had always known about Vampires, as the stories are prominent throughout Asia. She also has goals of Helping Asia and vampires, and covens throughout all of Asia. She also knows she needs help and assistance from all walks of life and knows she must do her part. She is always eager to learn, seeking knowledge and insight. In her past human life, Himiko grew up poor in Tokyo, Japan and has had to struggle, so she will take anything given and appreciates anything she can get, being turned kinda changed some things over time. She is very fond of females, and even more so females of her own race. She has several talents, though knows everyone is always a work in progress. Anything more she can learn and help in Asia or her race the better. She wants to stay true to Asia, her race and females.

Work in Progress!

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