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Drake Thorne


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Drake Thorne's Biography
A small trickle of red slid down the stone wall of some decrepit building, if anyone looked closely they would see that the leak was blood. As the blood reached the floor of the building it started to pool, a full seventeen and a half gallons of blood poured from the stone in just a few minutes. The resulting puddle of sanguine fluid started to pull into itself, building itself higher and higher. Bones started to form ahead of the bloody mass, rising up into a full skeleton around which the blood was forming.

Shortly later the rest of the body filled in, first the organs, then the muscles, and then finally the layers of skin and hair. The whole process, from when the blood began to seep through the stone of the wall to the point where a man was left naked in the empty room took only twenty minutes...though for the man, Drake, it felt like a lifetime. The energy it took to move his body in a liquid state through the stone was massive, so large actually he had to kill all of his servants outside and drain their blood to fuel the spell. There was no turning back now, that much was for sure.

Now that he was here though he needed to cast one more spell, just one last bit of exertion before he could rest and recover. Muttering a short spell, its words lost to anyones ears but his own Drake bent down and started to slide his finger upon the ground. Everywhere his finger passed a line of blood was drawn, like some morbid artist with a canvas, until there was a complex spell drawn in a circle around him.

Just as he closed the final line of the circle it glows brightly, bathing him in a warm light. A moment later the light winks out leaving the room darker then it was a moment before the light appeared and leaving Dracian clothed in flat black slacks and a dull blue button down dress shirt. It wasn't anything fancy, but it would serve his purposes while he was away from his wardrobe.

"Now then, where shall I begin..." He had to leave everything he had known behind, now he wasn't even sure where he was. Slayers had set themselves on his families home and he was told to escape, but traveling through the earth was extraordinarily hard to do and often moved one hundreds of miles from their starting point. With a soft sigh Drake moved towards what looked to be the front door of the building and opened the door. He was greeted with a dark and seemingly empty city street, though he didn't know which one. All he really knew was that it was definitely far from Romania. Since this was now his new home he set out to familiarize himself with his surroundings...
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