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Harley Quinn


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Jacqueline Bellerose

Elijah Cariveau

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Elijah Cariveau 10/14/17 Elijah pops his neck in and out of place, as his navy blue optics land on Harley. "That was sad... A sad crawl back up."
Jacqueline Bellerose 10/14/17 Jackie's head quickly cants to the side, her eyes wandering curiously over the disheveled form of the woman before her. There was something a little... Deranged about her. But that's okay, because Jacqueline was quite deranged herself.


"What's up, buttercup?" She chews her gum rapidly, "Where the heck is everyone else, anyway? Did ya kill 'em all?"
Jacqueline Bellerose 10/14/17 Jackie bounces along, gum snapping in periodic bursts as she fiddles with the nail file in her hand. Every once in a while she glances down and pulls a thin hand to her face, filing along the edge of some nail that she somehow felt could be smoother. This place had been so desolate for so long. The streets ran rampant with scattered bits of trash and the wandering bodies of starving animals that had all been left to fend for themselves. And then Jackie sees a body. A real body. A person.

The thinks.

"Oh, hey!" Her arm shoots into the air, waving erratically as she hoped to garner the attention of the other body, "Over here!"
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