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HopperCrimberBell's Biography
Name:Hopper Last Name: CrimberBell race:Vampire age: 12 (12K yr old) gender: female Moods: Blank, curious and aggressive, Madness, Happy /.../ Weakness:Her curious can be her downfall, "curious can kill a cat they say" fusing her aggressive side she can be slower upon her own attacks and thinking progress when she meet new people. She can also be too aggressive when she didn't want to be, she kept forgetting that she doesn't have that capacity when she was 7,000 k years old (yrs old) including her other condition if she gone to the deep end she'll lose her brain and become crazy almost as if she wasn't there. Strength: Her mute personality is the only way that she can control her own self from hurting the one's that she hold dear, she had told herself "if the world is open to me then I will shut my own doors only to hold my dear ones again and again with...out sinning the look of the disgusting world!" Hair-color:Dark blue Hair-style:short, straight, fuzzy bang almost covering her eyes eyes-color: light white blue skin-color:pale as the moon Other personal dental: Her fashion statement: she wears a long pitch black cloak that made out of cotton she doesn't wear any types of shoes or stockings, under that cloak she wears a white tank-top that look like it tossed on the dirt, the tank-top is very long almost as if she had sewed patterns of loose clothing to make into a jump suit type of clothing. Background: When she was human at the age of 5 year old she grew up in a barn alone with her step mother, her step-mother was very poor and had little to give until she meet a man that has the capacity of a vampire that suddenly turn her own world upside down as her mother had turned into a maid or slave in front of poor Hopper but, as the spell stank into her neck the mother defend her young one (Hopper) as he bitten down her neck and breath the final words of it she pushed him off and hit him over the head with the bucket. She picks up her own child an ran as fairaway as she can, she led toward an allyway she smile upon her face as she can hear her own master tone she slowly puts the child down next to the hobbo sleeping against the walls.She turns away as her own master voice pulls her toward him never again seeing Hopper CrimberBell.
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