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06/03/13 at 8:54 am
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Total slaughter
Total slaughter
I won't leave a single man alive
An ocean of blood
Let's begin the killing time.
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Last five threads posted in:
ANONYMOUS 02/12/13 We're all alone on the inside...we'll some of us.. *Stares*
Rick James 01/06/13 Not for long..
Rick James 01/05/13 MAKE ME, SLAYER BOY!
Delilah 11/12/12 Ew...It's you!
Delilah 10/08/12 Ew....Boy cooties.
Rick James 10/07/12 MAKE ME!
Delilah 09/30/12 I disagree. Werewolves are always allowed.
Delilah 09/25/12 Be a good boy now and behave *pats head*
Kuuipo 09/12/12 Naw uh I'm adorable!!!!!
Delilah 09/10/12 It's not my fault the PotD gods love me ;)
Delilah 09/01/12 Stop being so hateful. You'll prematurely get wrinkles!!
Delilah 07/06/12 Ew...Get away from me with your boy cooties!
Delilah 04/18/12 I dislike you.

That is all.
Mathieu McMann 04/07/12 We could plant flowers all over her yard, and bomb her house with fabreeze *smiles*
Delilah 04/04/12 I bathe daily, thank you very much!
Delilah 04/04/12 Hey now. I can handle things just fine. I don't need some stinky boy breathing down my neck. Go run along and play now.
Delilah 04/02/12 Awww. It's so cute that you think that. I'm just naturally lovable.
Delilah 03/18/12 Welcome to the Realm!
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