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Ian Moone


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Ian Moone's Biography
Ian’s birth had been a surprise for all involved, at fist the doctors thought that he had a full head of hair but soon exchanged horrified gasps when, instead of the baby boy the ultrasounds had shown, his mother had given birth to a small silver wolf cub. The sheer shock of the situation meant the doctors didn’t react fast enough to the damage Ian had done on the way out, leading to the untimely death of the only family he had in this world.

Science took him in, first only interested in the fact that a woman birthed a wolf but not long after they claimed him Ian shifted back into human form. Fascinated by this new turn of events the scientists kept him under close supervision, raising him in a controlled environment to fit his random changes between boy and wolf.

This kept on for years, Ian didn’t even have a name until he was nearly twelve and even that came from an unusual series of events. On his twelfth birthday he asked the people caring for him who he was only to have them say, “You are no one.” and leave it at that. Excited to have this new information about himself, even though it was quite useless, he rushed to write it into his private journal...the one thing he had that no one but himself had read, until that night...

One scientist managed to sneak away the journal while Ian was asleep and flipped it open to the most recent addition. As he flipped through the book he noticed for the first time that Ian was dyslexic, Ironically the only thing they never studied about Ian was his ability to learn like a human might. Ian’s dyslexia jumbled most of his entries into almost intelligible gibberish but his last entry read quite clearly what Ian understood to be his name...


As the scientist read this Ian had woken up and caught him in the act and became enraged. So out of control he was from this intrusion of the one thing he held so closely Ian shifted into a form he had never taken before. This new form was somewhere between a human and a wolf, more of the monster the movies would lead you to believe all werewolves are. While in this new form Ian mauled the scientist, taking out all his rage on this now small man, ripping his skin and muscles and breaking his bones with nearly every strike.

Even after the man was dead Ian tore into the corpse, consuming the warm meat and lapping up the blood where it lay on the sterile floor. As the first of the other scientists came to try to stop him Ian made his escape, killing all in his path on the way out to the woods. At only twelve years old he set off to live on his own deep in the woods surviving only because of the wolf inside him.

For eight years he lived alone never needing to speak to another soul other then the wolf inside him, known only as No One. It was during this time that he forgot how to speak and formed his fear of crowds. Only in the last two years of his life so far has Ian started to open up to the world once again.
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