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Torvi Tyrell
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Torvi Tyrell's Biography
Name:Torvi Orlenna Tyrell
DOB: 21 Dec
Place of birth: Paris, France
Age: 26
Nicknames: "winterwolf"
Sire: Born wolf
marital status: Single
Children: None
Powers (if any):Shape shifting enhanced speed ,smell and sight
Weakness : wolfbane and silver

I was born in Paris ,France on December 21 . My family lived there til I was 10 then the slayers and the Vampires over ran the city and took control. My father decided that it was time my mother and I left the only home either of us knew. He sent us to New Orleans ,La. he had family there and it was at one point a very french city. I left reluctantly.

When I was 10 I had to leave Paris, the only home I had ever known because it had become over run with Slayers and vampires. While my father was getting the last of things put in the car he was attacked by a slayer. Rather he was beheaded by him. I saw this whole thing as if in slow motion from my bedroom window. With in moments of that happening my mother was in my room then pushing me out the doors to my god father Cornelius and our driver to take me to the airport. That was the last time I ever saw her.

I arrived in New Orleans and was met by my Aunt Vivanne . I was to stay with her and her family. I adapted quickly to the city and to learning English as well.I had many friends but few knew what I really was. At 21 I found a job in the french quarter in a small bar and was able to save my money and get a home of my own as well in the quarter on Royal. I have grand plans for the future but for now there have been whispers of the vampires and slayers are still around and killing my kind in the shadows so I must put the grand plans to the back burner so to say and find friends I can trust. I will stand with my kind. I will be "the winter wolf" as my father used to call me again.
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